Market Leadership


Luxury products are not defined by a single part, but rather the weaving of many. Fleetwood calls these “the little things.”

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Dedicated researchers will discover many distinguishing characteristics.

  • Family owned and operated.
  • 100% devotion to the luxury home market since 1961. Most others dabble in luxury but design for commercial, institutional and tract home markets.
  • Inventory of 1,500+ proprietary aluminum extrusions for ‘none the same’ customization.
  • Design and manufacture proprietary hardware.
  • ALL products designed for diverse oceanfront environments.
  • Build a lifetime product with a Lifetime Warranty

Fine Furniture Quality Standards

  • Government & Industry standard: UNACCEPTABLE if visible at 10′ (glass and finish).
  • Fleetwood standard: UNACCEPTABLE if visible at 5′ (3′ in high profile sections, e.g. eye level).

Engineering Infrastructure

  • Large (12+ persons) Engineering/Drafting Department.
  • Onsite air, water, and wind load test chamber.
  • Onsite frost and condensation test chamber.
  • Proprietary software.
  • Cutting edge technology, e.g. struts, 3D modeling, SPA Energy Reports…


  • 207,000 square foot facility on 12 acres with 450+ workforce.
  • Boutique dealerships that specialize in luxury home windows and doors.
  • Glass in excess of 100 square feet per lite.
  • Largest 1” insulated glass units in the industry (70+ square feet) with a warranty.
  • Continuity of design for seamless transition from room to room.
  • Dock‐To‐Door protective packaging.
  • Multiple QC layers demanding standards exceeding ASTM.
    Close to 1,000 glass choices in “The Big 3″ categories (Cardinal, PPG & Guardian).

Modern Design Integrity

  • Big products for a big view. Glass offerings up to 120 square feet.
  • Linear, firm extrusion lines compared to soft, round edges.
  • Thicker glass and aluminum. Compare total weight, e.g. “pound for pound”.
  • Still offers non‐thermally broken sliding doors for slimmer vertical sightlines.
  • Performance flush sills, e.g. Series 4070-T, 3070, 3070-T, and 4400-T Sub Sillpan.

Fit & Finish

  • Proprietary pre‐finish processes to maximize anodize and paint beauty.
  • Proprietary Hardware:
    • Archetype Locking Hardware (Patented)
    • Archetype II Locking Hardware (Patented)
    • Archetype Narrow Locking Hardware (Patented)
    • Archetype Narrow II Locking Hardware (Patented)
    • Archetype Stainless Steel Strike Plate & Dust Box Assembly
    • A2 Stainless Steel Rollers (Certified Swiss Bearings)
    • A3 Stainless Steel Rollers (Certified Swiss Bearings)
    • A4 Stainless Steel Rollers (Certified Swiss Bearings)
    • Archetype Stainless Steel Edge Pull
    • Archetype Stainless Steel Screen Clips
    • Archetype Stainless Steel Cam Handle
    • Archetype Stainless Steel Multi‐point Latch
    • Archetype Stainless Steel Hinges
    • Archetype Stainless Steel Hinged Screen Hinges
    • Archetype Stainless Steel Sliding Window Latch

Build It Better

  • FSB brand hinged door levers and escutcheons.
  • SAVIO brand hinges. RIXSON and FritsJurgens brand pivot closers.
  • Weather rated flush track products – Series 4070-T, 3070, 3070-T, and 4400-T Sub Sillpan.
  • Hidden fixed panel blocks on all sliding doors.
  • Hidden installation screws on all sliding doors (head, jamb and sill fillers).
  • Double Leg MS Bottom Rail for beauty and weather performance – Series 3070 and 3070-T.
  • Extruded screen frames for strength and anodized finish matching.
  • UltraVue screen mesh instead of standard fiberglass tract home mesh.
  • Stainless steel screen clips that are easily removed and do not pierce the aluminum.
  • Narrow stainless steel casement window butt hinges versus aluminum.


Exceptional Extruding & Finishing

  • Each extrusion is treated with a proprietary process that reduces cooling lines (most visible in clear anodizing).
  • Standard aluminum anodize is Class I compared to the half thick Class II.
  • Standard aluminum paint is Kynar 70% compared to a 50% content or polyester and/or acrylic bases.
  • Aluminum extrusions are produced within 30 miles of our factory.

The Most Professional Dealers

  • Demanding, yet rewarding dealer program that attracts the elite window specialists in each market.
  • Thorough factory and dealer showroom training.
  • Fleetwood ONLY posts the top 20% of its dealers online.
  • Proprietary Snapshot software available to dealers for immediate pricing.

Stunning Sizes

  • Casements 24 sqft
  • Sliding door panels 12′ wide or 20′ tall
  • Hinged door panels 5′ wide or 12′ tall
  • Pivot doors 10′ wide or 15′ tall
  • Folding doors 12′ tall
  • Fixed window walls 30′ x 30′

Superb Rolling System

  • Archetype A4, A3, and A2 stainless rollers come with authentic Swiss bearings, assembled in California.
  • Stainless track insert (not a cap)
    • Insert creates ideal concave/convex relationship.
    • Insert becomes stronger as weight bears down whereas capped aluminum weakens.
    • Insert creates separation of roller edges from aluminum.

Exclusive Locking Hardware

  • Patented “Archetype” sliding door hardware, designed and manufactured by Fleetwood.
  • Exposed hardware is electro polished #316 stainless.
  • Hinged doors come standard with FSB levers and escutcheon plates.

Energy Compliance Answers

  • Proprietary Snapshot software provides detailed NFRC energy reports on every quote.
  • Team of engineers trained and certified to perform a thermal envelope analysis specific to the exact windows and doors on each quote. This reveals the true thermal performance characteristics of the window and door package.
  • New designs and re-designs incorporate “strut” technology (Series 4070-T, 450-T, 4800-T, 3070-T, 3600-T, 3900-T,  3200-T, and 4400-T)
    • Struts allow more attractive and sleeker shapes than poured in place thermal material.
    • Struts allow for stronger extrusions without compromising thin lines. For example, the Series 3070-T High Performance Interlocker.

Sleek, Linear & Clean

  • 1-5/16″ perimeter sight line (Series 450-T)
  • 1-7/16″ perimeter sight line (Series 3800-T)
  • 18′ tall sliding door with a 2-1/8″ vertical line (Series 3070)
  • Hinged door with a 4-7/8″ glass-to-frame dimension (Series 3200-T)
  • Aluminum “Steel Look” simulated divided lite option boasts a slender 3/4″ sightline

“Making It Better, Not Cheaper”

  • Examples of proprietary hardware:
    • THE ORIGINAL Archetype (“Mammoth”) 3″ roller (Year 2005)
    • A4 roller (Year 2017)
    • Authentic Swiss Bearings added to the A3 roller (Year 2008)
    • Authentic Swiss Bearings added to the A2 roller (Year 2008)
    • PATENTED Archetype locking hardware
    • Stainless Archetype lock strike, box and plate
    • Stainless Archetype edge pull
    • Stainless Archetype sliding window locking hardware
    • PATENTED Archetype Narrow locking hardware
    • Stainless steel butt hinges for casement windows
    • Stainless steel cam handles for casement, awning and hopper windows
    • Hinged Screen for casement windows
    • Casement/Awning window hardware protective cover
    • UltraVue” as the standard mesh for all screens
    • Sub Sillpan weather performing flush sill
    • Casement / Awning / Hopper screen clip
    • Numerous custom strike plates, escutcheon plates and supporting hardware

Experienced Human Resources

  • Family owned and operated. Owner Passion versus Private Equity Return focus.
  • All company assets are 100% paid for and privately owned, resulting in fantastic stability, lasting warranties and company longevity. It is important that a manufacturer last just as long as their products.
  • Average Management experience 30+ years.
  • Average employee experience 11+ years (450+ employees).
  • Five professional engineers on staff for new designs as well as system and product enhancement.
  • A 6-member IT Department that advances all systems.
  • Field markets represented by 16 Region Managers with an average experience of 17+ years each.
  • A simple, honest warranty (most hide coastal exclusions).

Glazing Capability

  • 1″ IG up to 70 sqft with Lifetime Warranty. Up to 1-1/2″ IG up to 120 sqft.
  • Triple Glazing & Dual Low Emmissivity
  • Cutting edge spacer technology