Application & Philosophy


Fleetwood believes in deliberate growth, which means its dealers have to be the best. This video lays out the philosophy of how Fleetwood has engineered its dealer paradigm to attract AND maintain the best window dealers in the world.

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Dealer Benefits

Dealership Meritocracy

Fleetwood provides a path for success through a series of protective devices, e.g. “may the best dealer win, not the cheapest dealer.”

Specialized Dealerships

Fleetwood only grants dealerships to companies specializing in windows and doors. E.g. no big box stores or lumber yards.

Fewer Dealerships

Fleetwood is not seeking dealerships but rather reacting to market expansion. New dealers start at the lowest levels that are designed to protect existing dealerships.

Focused Support Tools

  • Free estimating software.
  • Free corner samples and literature.
  • Funneling leads via online referral.
  • Dealers earn higher positioning based on objective ratings.

Incentives for Advancement

  • Profit margins increase with dealer level advancement.
  • Enforced MRP program ensures dealers sell on their merits and hard-earned profits stay in their pockets.
  • Website listing and showroom/project portfolio.
  • Ad Grant fund.

Dealership Application

Displaying Dealership: Fleetwood offers Bronze level dealers an immediate opportunity to achieve better pricing after installing displays. The Silver level application can be printed from the Dealer page after the Bronze level dealership has been approved.


Click to download the Bronze Level Dealer Application