Series 4800-T

Series 4800-T Fixed Window-Wall
Series 4800-T Fixed Window-Wall
The Series 4800-T window-wall addresses the need of elite dwellings for large glass façades without having to resort to commercial window systems, whose craftsmanship pales in comparison to that of Fleetwood. The 4800-T is part of the Gen4 line and allows operable inserts with the Series 450-T.

Product Highlights

Design Notables
Visual Continuity:

The Series 4800-T was designed to provide large glass facades while pairing well with the Series 3800-T (4 ½” frame). Both the 4800-T and 3800-T have a 1-7/16” perimeter frame and 2-7/16” TDL, allowing for consistent lines across your elevation as you blend product types as appropriate for their respective openings.


Inside Glaze Option:

The Series 4800-T can be fabricated with the shelf to the interior or exterior.


Concealed Water Evacuation:

The horizontal TDLs are designed to direct water through the system with no exposed weep slots. All water is directed to the bottom sill, which contains a few low profile weep slots.

Strength & Sizes
Large Sizes:

How big do you need? The Series 4800-T can handle enormous spans without structure or inserts. This is accomplished with our patent pending Glass Anchor (GAC) that bolsters each suspended vertical and horizontal.


Dead Load & Shear Stress:

Support plates are provided with every intersecting TDL to support the glass weight as well as provide additional bolstering for wind loads. Each support plate is constructed from 400 series stainless steel.

Energy & Glass
Custom Strut:

Each Series 4800-T is made with a custom designed thermal strut. Fleetwood designed the strut to allow the Engineering Department to fulfill the high expectation design notables.


U-Factor Performance:

The energy test results of the Series 4800-T are outstanding because of the minimal frame, specialized engineering, and custom thermal strut. For example, with low emissivity glass, the Series 4800-T achieves a 0.25 U-Factor.


Numerous Glazing Options:

The Series 4800-T offers more glass choices than any other aluminum fixed window in the luxury home market. This is possible with the number glass depth choices and the myriad of glass offered in the industry.


Massive Glass:

Insulated glass larger than 100 square feet is available in the Series 4800-T.

Smart Design – Installation
Factory Engineered – Field Assembled:

The patent pending Glass Anchor (GAC) was designed out of aluminum to withstand highly corrosive environments. Its unique design allows for field assembly that does NOT require a licensed specialist.


Gorgeous Finish:

Each TDL is equipped with a Glass Anchor Cover (GAC) that can be installed at the project’s completion so the aluminum finish is not damaged during construction.


Nail-On Slim Perimeter Frame:

The head, sill, and jambs ONLY reveal a 1-7/16” sightline and clever building design can hide even more. The integral nail fin offers peace of mind during waterproofing.

Outstanding Details
Hidden Weep Slots:

Most window-walls include obvious drainage holes/slots in the horizontal frame members. The Series 4800-T was engineered with visible weep slots only in the sill.


Operable Inserts:

Series 450-T casement and awning windows can be inserted into any opening created within a Series 4800-T system.


Product Marriage:

The 5 ¾” frame depth was chosen to allow installers to abut the Series 4800-T to a 2-track Series 4070-T, 3-track Series 3070 and 3-track Series 3070-T.


Fewer Distractions:

The vertical and horizontal TDL shapes in most residential windows have numerous seams where the glass is pinned into place. Minimalists will appreciate the one-piece Glass Anchor Cover (GAC) that is unique to the Series 4800-T.



Standard Features
Stock Anodized Finish: Black (Class 1) or Clear (Class 1)
1.25 ” Insulated Glass with Dark Bronze Spacer
6063 T-6 Extruded Aluminum
Strut Thermal Barriers


5-3/4″ Deep Nail-on Frame
Stainless Steel Assembly Screws
1/2″ Height Aluminum Sill Pan


Equal Sized Glass
Exterior Snap-in Glazing (Square Profile)

Optional Features
(See CAD Details for more options)


Finish: 70% Kynar Paint and 50% if Black or Dark Bronze, Class 1 Custom Anodize (Light Bronze & Medium Bronze)

5-3/4″ Deep Equal Leg (Block) Frame
Unequal Size Glass (TDL Alignment)
Steel Look SDL

Max Panel Width & Height
Max Panel Width: Determined by site wind loads

Max Panel Height: Determined by site wind loads

Jumbo Glass
The Series 4800-T was designed well ahead of the North American glass industry’s evolution into mega size insulated glass. Though some insulated glass fabricators provide jumbo glass, only a few meet the high standards required by Fleetwood. With common glass standards, customers must accept flaws unless they can see them clearly from 10’ away under diffused light. In contrast, Fleetwood demands its suppliers meet a 5’ inspection standard.

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Technical Resources

Architectural Details
Architectural Detail Drawings


  • Anchor Location Worksheet (PDF)

Revit Families (BIM)
Revit Families

  • Window-Fixed-Fleetwood-4800_T (RFA)

Installation Instructions
The Series 4800-T is a highly engineered product. Fleetwood encourages only trained professionals perform the installation.


Energy Test Results
I. Standard Glass Table


Standard Glass Table


II. Additional Glass Testing:

NFRC_FLE18004-1A-HH_4800T_10mm (PDF)


NFRC_FLE18005-HH_4800T_InteriorGlaze_SN_CIG (PDF)


Simulated Performance Alternative Reports are available upon request.



  • A1 = Aluminum Spacer
  • SS-D = Stainless Steel Spacer
  • A2/TS-D = Warm Edge Spacers
  • ZF = Super Spacer


Default U-Values


Linked reports reflect current testing to NFRC standards. If you have a suggestion for testing an additional type of glass, please email your suggestion to

Sound Test Results
This window was designed for a luxury residence, which seldom requests sound test data. For comparative analysis only, we provide a Series 3800-T report.
Structural Ratings Help Sheet
Concept Drawings
Sorry, there are currently no Concept Drawings available for this product.
Weather Test Results

All testing was performed in a laboratory environment to determine results. These reports are provided to allow Engineers, Architects, and Design professionals reasonable expectations of products and may not illustrate every option, condition, or configuration available. These are for illustration and comparative analysis only.


*Reports exceeding 4 years may not have current 3rd party certification, and will not be labeled.


Current Test Reports:

123118+AAMA+CSA-SI+Non-Impact+4800T_450T_OO_XX-O_144x144_T18-072 (PDF)