EDGE | s |

Available for purchase Summer 2020
The EDGE Collection was created to conceal as much frame as possible. The EDGE | s | sliding door was designed for multi-panel and pocket applications.

Product Highlights

Exceptional Hardware
The lengthy two-year design of the EDGE | s | was due mostly to the need for CUSTOM Archetype hardware.


Patents Pending:

The | s | contains several features which are worthy of a US Patent.


The A4-E Keel Sheave:

The EDGE | s | uses a train of A4-E Sheaves to transfer each bottom rail Keel. Each A4-E segment measures 16″ in length and houses 4 stainless steel wheels, each with Certified Swiss Precision Bearings for a lifetime of exceptional performance. To assure ideal contact, the Keel Slot contains a continuum of A4-E and A1-E Sheaves.


Archetype Blade & Receptacle:

To achieve the cleanest jamb possible, we adopted an elegantly simple approach to the locking hardware. The Archetype Blade is housed within the Fin cavity and provides a pure edge presentation. The tapered Blade inserts into a stainless steel grommet buried in the floor.


Practically Smart:

The full-length Keel Sheave can be removed without floor damage. Similar systems on the market involve flooring damage or extensive maintenance.

Practical Performance
The EDGE | s | was designed for luxury home applications anywhere in the world.


Water Performance:

With its unique Arche-Duct drain system, the EDGE | s | far exceeds residential water performance needs and does so with a narrow 5/8” Keel Slot and 3/16″ Slot Drain.


Thermal Performance:

The EDGE | s | perimeter frame is fitted with thermal barriers to maximize thermal performance.


Wind Deflection:

Though only 1” wide, the Keep-Fin was engineered for exceptional strength. At 10’ tall, a single Fin withstands 90 mph with little deflection. With back-to-back Fins, the | s | will resist winds exceeding 130 mph.


Deflection Resistance:

Though minimal, the EDGE | s | is a robust defender against wind driven deflection. The strength comes from the continuous engagement of the stainless steel bottom rail within the Keel Slot. Bottom Rail Design  A4-E

Minimal, Not Marginal
The essential design intent of the EDGE Collection was ‘more glass, less frame.’


Minimal Exposure:

The only sight-line is the narrow bottom rail at 1 3/8” and the sleek Keep-Fin at 1”. The remaining extrusions and hardware disappear into the walls.


Bottom Rail Design:

The | s | bottom rail is pure Archetype genius. Its strength is achieved because of the extruded stainless steel Keel and integral Glass Keys. The robust assembly allows use of glass cups during handling and installation.


5/8” Keel Slot:

Unlike EVERY similar system on the market, the | s | was created for easy maintenance. Other products require damaging the floor to remove debris common to sliding doors or to apply basic maintenance on the rollers.


Exposed Wheels?

After each Keel Sheave is arranged in the Keel Slot, a black aluminum shelf plate is attached, which only exposes the contact points of each wheel. Not only is the shelf attractive, but also practical and safe.

Sustainable Features
The EDGE | s | is the only door in its category with practical features that allow for a lifetime product.


Glass Replacement:

Similar looking systems on the market require replacement glass to be sourced from the factory, some of which are overseas. The | s | comes with a maintenance kit that includes the proprietary Glass Key and bonding strips, allowing future field glazing.


Prolonged Life:

Similar doors to the | s | require new panel parts when glass needs changing. What if the manufacturer is out of business? What if that product line is discontinued? Each EDGE | s | is shipped with spare Glass Keys in the rare event glass needs replacing, allowing customers to source glass near their home.



The EDGE | s | is offered with the ONLY transferable lifetime warranty on the market. The warranty goes with the house, regardless of who owns it.


Uniquely Serviceable:

For optimum convenience, the Keel Sheaves are easily removed. In some configurations, each Sheave can be extracted without removing panels.

Finishes & Glass
The EDGE | s | is offered in a variety of glass types and frame finishes.


Finish Choices:

The | s | frame is stocked in two Class 1 anodized finishes: Black and Clear. Custom painted or anodized colors are available upon request.


Regulated Glass Choices:

The EDGE | s | was created to optimize your sight lines, and the available glass palette enhances the most striking views. Partial List


Limited Dealer Access:

EDGE Collection products are only available through the top 20% of our Authorized Dealer family, so you can buy the very best from the very best!



Standard Features
Stock Anodized Finish: Black (Class 1) or Clear (Class 1)
1.25″ Glass Depth (6mm minimum lites)
Selective Glass Menu Select Glass Choices
Sub-Floor Draining: Arche-Duct (SFD-E)
Optional Features
Finish: 70% Kynar Paint, Class 1 Custom Anodize (Light Bronze F1 & Medium Bronze F3)

  • Pocket: PX, XXXP, etc.
  • Multi-Slide: XXX, XXXX, etc.
  • Traditional: XX, etc.

Max Panel Width & Height
Max Panel Width:

  • 54″ to meet DP25
  • 72″ to meet DP20


Max Panel Height:

  • 108″ to meet DP25
  • 120″ to meet DP20
  • 144″ to meet DP15


Technical Resources

Architectural Details
Architectural Detail Drawings


Options Sheets

Revit Families (BIM)
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Assembly Drawings
Installation Instructions
The EDGE | s | is a highly engineered product. Fleetwood encourages only trained professionals with sufficient insurance perform the installation.


Energy Test Results
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Sound Test Results
This door was designed for luxury residences, which seldom request sound test data. For comparative analysis only, we provide a Series 3000-T report.
Concept Drawings
Sorry, there are currently no Concept Drawings available for this product.
Weather Test Results
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