EDGE | f |

The EDGE | f | is the first member of the EDGE Collection family. By 2021, the Collection will include a multi-slide door, a sliding pocket window, and a hinged door. As signified by the name, these products were created to hide as much frame as possible.

Product Highlights

All Glass, NO Frame
The EDGE | f | can be completely hidden in the wall, ceiling and floor.


Minimal Exposure:

The exposed metal on a the | f | Glass Wedges is 1/16”, regardless of glass depth. If the Fin is desired for design or wind-loading, only a 1” sightline is exposed.


Frame Styles:

Three frame choices are available, all of which have a hidden perimeter.

  • Standard Head & Sill (high water performance)
  • Standard Head & Sill + Fin Shelf
  • Lower Profile Head & Sill



The | f | is available in unlimited straight-line networks or with any combination of 90° corners (e.g. zig zags). In addition, designers can create odd angle corners.

Field Practicality
The | f | was engineered for easy installation and maintenance.


Installation Ease I:

The | f | was engineered for the logistical challenges of setting jumbo glass. Once the frame is anchored to the opening substrates, glass can be installed from the interior or exterior.


Installation Ease II:

The entire frame is assembled before insertion, allowing quick verification of plumb and square before anchoring. Additionally, the | f | was designed for clean and simple dry-setting of the glass. Cheaper systems handle it more like an aquarium, making future glass replacement difficult and messy.

Weather + Energy Performance
Unlike typical buried systems, the | f | offers tested performance.


Labeled Thermal Performance:

Though buried in the walls, thermal conductivity is still an issue. Site built systems ignore the science but the | f | has thermal barriers within each perimeter frame section. The EDGE | f | will be tested and NFRC labeled, and will offer Simulated Performance Alternatives.


Limiting Deflection:

The EDGE Fin is a cosmetic and performance option. Most systems ignore deflection or require field reinforcing. The Fin has a 1” sight-line and is the same depth as the EDGE | s |, making opposing wall installations consistent in appearance.


Water Performance:

The EDGE | f | was tested for high-rise weather performance (air & water infiltration and wind exceeding 120 mph).

Glass & Finish
Customers have many options in frame colors and the glass that best meets their design needs.


Glass Depths & Sizes:

Customers may choose from one of three Glass Wedge depths to accommodate glass depths of 1/2″, 9/16”, 1 ¼” or 1 ½”. These choices allow customers to access massive sizes of glass in the realm of 150 square feet.


Finish Choices:

The | f | frame and Fin are stocked in two Class 1 anodized finishes: Black and Clear. Custom painted or anodized colors are available upon request.


Limited Glass Choices:

The EDGE Collection products are only offered with glass choices befitting the most attractive views. Specifically, most of the glass options include thicker lites with low iron properties.

Lifetime Product
The EDGE | f | is unlike any product on the market for several reasons, chief of which is the sustainable designs.



As with every Fleetwood product, the EDGE | f | is offered with a transferable lifetime warranty. Customers should compare our warranty with ANY product making claims similar to that of Fleetwood.


Glass Replacement:

Similar systems on the market, e.g. channel glazed, require extensive wall and floor demolition to change the glass. Since Fleetwood has the only transferable lifetime warranty we needed a more sustainable design. NO damage to the opening finishes is required if a Fin or butt joint exists. If a single lite exists only 1” of one interior wall needs to be removed.


Limited Dealer Access:

EDGE Collection products are only available through the top 20% of our Authorized Dealer family.



Standard Features
Stock Anodized Finish: Black (Class 1) or Clear (Class 1)
1.25″ Glass Depth
Optional Features
Finish: 70% Kynar Paint, Class 1 Custom Anodize (Light Bronze F1 & Medium Bronze F3)
1.5″, 9/16″, or 1/2″ Glass Depths
Max Panel Width & Height
Glass up to 150 square feet per lite
Multiple options Flexible

Technical Resources

Architectural Details
Architectural Detail Drawings

Revit Families (BIM)
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Concept Drawings
Concept/Sample Drawings

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Installation Instructions
The EDGE | f | is a highly engineered product. Fleetwood encourages only trained professionals with sufficient insurance perform the installation.


Energy Test Results
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Sound Test Results
This window was designed for a luxury residence, which seldom requests sound test data. For comparative analysis only, we provide a Series 3800-T report.
Weather Test Results
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