Series 350-T

Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Awning Window
Series 250-T Fixed Awning Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Awning Window
Series 250-T Awning Window
Series 250-T Fixed Awning Window
Series 250-T Awning Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Awning Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Awning Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Awning Window
Series 250-T Casement Window
Series 250-T Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Awning Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Hopper Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Awning Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Awning Window
Series 250-T Casement Window
Series 250-T Awning Window
Series 250-T Casement Window
Series 250-T Fixed Casement Window
The Series 350-T casement, awning and hopper windows offer clean, linear sightlines.

Product Highlights

Energy, Noise & Security
High Efficiency Glass:

Modern glazing from Fleetwood coupled with increasingly efficient insulation techniques allows a minimalist design with huge glass that does not compromise energy consumption.


Thermal Break Technology:

Fleetwood products with a “T” in the series number are manufactured with thermally broken aluminum for condensation control and energy efficiency. For over 30 years, Fleetwood has designed products around this now sweeping practice and does so with extensive testing and engineering so the product maintains the look for the ultimate minimalist.


Security Benefits:

Fleetwood endeavors to make products better instead of cheaper, resulting in specialty products that other manufacturers should not attempt. High-security laminated glass (like your car windshield) coupled with robust Fleetwood framing can withstand severe impact.


Noise Control:

Fleetwood chooses to offer a wide range of options instead of limiting features to increase profit and simplify production. Sound dampening upgrades to glass and products are available without affecting the budget or design.

Enhancing Design
Crisp, Linear Shapes:

Fleetwood’s design focus is the opposite of mass production. A prime example is the sharp edges and crisp lines created by a balance of hand tooling, automation and dedicated machining.


Heavy Walls:

It does not take a professional to realize the hidden engineering in each Fleetwood system. The aluminum wall thickness greatly exceeds most, if not all other windows. Any user will immediately experience its sturdiness and palpable luxury when they operate the window.


Steel Window Look:

Steel Window Look: The Series 350-T is offered with a simulated divided lite which resembles a classic steel window beveled design. This allows the “Steel Look” without the inherent complications and limitations of steel products.


Custom Configurations:

One of the features of the Series 350-T is its flexibility. We can create a window wall that contains several different window types (e.g. fixed, casement and awning) with seamless transitions and slender lines.

Superior Characteristics
Thermal Conductivity:

Aluminum is thermally stable in that it does not swell or shrink when the temperature or humidity levels change. Very little energy is lost through the frame material but in the case of wood and vinyl, energy is lost through the frame and vent seams after years of expansion and contraction.


Welded Corners:

The frame and vent corners are hydraulically joined together with a robust corner key. They are then spot welding to make them even stronger, making it possible to have a casement vent up to 3’ x 8’, which rivals the size of a typical door.


Leak Prevention:

To assist builders with a waterproof installation we offer an integral nail-on fin as part of the frame. Other window manufacturers attach a separate add-on fin. This short cut can cause water leak issues years down the road.


Low Maintenance:

While every lifestyle product requires upkeep, Fleetwood products are resilient in even the extreme environments and come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Hardware & Screens
Hardware Variety:

The Series 350-T comes standard with multiple contemporary hardware choices for the ultimate minimalist. All hardware is designed for longevity in even the harshest environments.


Full Length Latching:

The standard latch is our multi-point lever. When this latch is engaged, the window is cinched into a closer union with the main frame, giving you the most secure latching device on the market.


Thick Walled Screen Frame:

The Series 350-T screen is constructed of heavy gauge extruded aluminum and is attached to the main frame with sleek, stainless steel clips (ASC). Screens from Fleetwood will not compromise the design integrity.



Standard Features
Stock Anodized Finish: Black (Class 1) or Clear (Class 1)
1″ Insulated Glass with Dark Bronze Spacer
6063 T-6 Extruded Aluminum
Poured & De-bridged Thermal Barrier
Strut Thermal Barrier (Interlockers & Perimeter Frame)


2-1/4″ Deep Nail-on Frame
Stainless Steel Assembly Screws
Welded Corners & Bolster Key
1/2″ Height Aluminum Sill Pan


Brushed Nickel Roto Gear Hardware & Folding Handle (Casement & Awning)
Steel Single-Arm / Gear
Stainless Steel Concealed Hinges (HAH) (Awning & Hopper)
4-Bar Hinges & Ring Cam Handle (Hopper)
Stainless Steel Butt Hinges (ABH) (Casement)


Equal Sized Glass
Exterior Snap-in Glazing (Square Profile Stop)
Extruded Screen Frame with UltraVue Mesh (

Optional Features
(See CAD Details for more options)


Finish: 70% Kynar Paint and 50% if Black or Dark Bronze, Class 1 Custom Anodize (Light Bronze & Medium Bronze)
Glazing: 1/4″, 9/16″, 1-1/4″ & 1-1/2″


2-1/4″ Deep Equal Leg (Block) Frame
2-1/4″ Deep Unequal Leg (Block) Frame
Unequal Size Glass (TDL Alignment)
Steel Look SDL


Truth Stainless Steel Arm / Gear (For Roto Gear Hardware) (Casement & Awning)
Knob Handle (For Roto Gear Hardware) (Casement & Awning)
4-Bar Hinges (CCH/HAH) & Cam Handle (Casement & Awning)
Cam Handle or Spring Latch (Hopper)
Black Painted Hardware Finish

Max Panel Width & Height
Max Panel Square Footage: 24ft2

“STEEL LOOK” simulated divided lites

Fleetwood has introduced a variety of new “Steel Look” SDL options for the minimalist designer wanting to match the classic look of steel, but also wanting to avoid the cost and complications of steel manufacturing.

Series 250-T Fixed Window with Steel Look SDLs


Series 250-T Casement Window with Steel Look SDLs


Series 250-T Awning Window with Steel Look SDLs


Series 250-T Hopper Window with Steel Look SDLs


Technical Resources

Architectural Details


  • Anchor Location Worksheet (PDF)

Revit Families (BIM)

  • Window-Awning-Fleetwood-250T-A (RFA)
  • Window-Casement-Fleetwood-250T-C (RFA)
  • Window-Fixed-Fleetwood-250T-O_GTF (RFA)
  • Window-Hopper-Fleetwood-250T-H (RFA)

Florida Product Approval
Florida Product Approval

FL#14904 (Casement/Inserts)
FL#14907 (Awning/Inserts)

Structural Ratings Help Sheet
Energy Test Results
I. Standard Glass Table


Standard Glass Table

Standard Glass Table 2


II. Additional Glass Testing:


NFRC_FLE16003-RH_250T_C_TB-OG_SN_CIG_i89_IS20 (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16004-RH_250T_H_TB_SN_CIG_i89_IS20 (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16005-1A-HH_250-T_A_CIG (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16005-RH_250T_A_TB_SN_CIG_i89_IS20 (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16006-1R-HH_250T_O_TB_SN_CIG_i89_IS20 (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16006-2A-HH_250-T_F_CIG (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16008-RH_250T_A_Non-TB_SN_CIG_i89_IS20 (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16009-RH_250T_H_Non-TB_SN_CIG_i89_IS20 (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16010-RH_250T_F_Non-TB_SN_CIG_i89_IS20 (PDF)

NFRC_FLE16011-RH_250T_C_Non-TB-OG_SN_CIG_i89_IS20 (PDF)


Simulated Performance Alternative Reports are available upon request.



  • A1 = Aluminum Spacer
  • SS-D = Stainless Steel Spacer
  • A2/TS-D = Warm Edge Spacers
  • ZF = Super Spacer


Default U-Values


Linked reports reflect current testing to NFRC standards. If you have a suggestion for testing an additional type of glass, please email your suggestion to

Concept Drawings
Sorry, no Concept/Sample Drawings were found for this product.
Weather Test Results

All testing was performed in a laboratory environment to determine results. These reports are provided to allow Engineers, Architects, and Design professionals reasonable expectations of products and may not illustrate every option, condition, or configuration available. These are for illustration and comparative analysis only.


*Reports exceeding 4 years may not have current 3rd party certification, and will not be labeled.


Current Test Reports:

041714+AAMA_1886+Impact+250C_Awning_65x42_01991059: (PDF)

041714+AAMA_CSA-SI+Non-Impact+250C_Awning_65x42_01991058: (PDF)


062514+Comp_Analysis_250C-3800_Non-Impact_Glazing: (PDF)

092313+HVHZ_TAS+3800-T_250-T_X_O_01990816: (PDF)

092713+AAMA_1886+Impact+250C_Awning_OAO_42x180_01991061: (PDF)

092713+AAMA_1886+Impact+250C_Casement_42x72_01991057: (PDF)

100313+AAMA_CSA-SI_3800-T_250-T_X_O_01990817: (PDF)

100513+AAMA_CSA-S1+Non-Impact+250C_Awning_OAO_42x180_01991060: (PDF)

100513+AAMA_CSA-S1+Non-Impact+250C_Csmnt_42x72_01991056: (PDF)

102215+AAMA_CSA-S1+Non-Impact+250-T_Fixed_PG35_48x120_T15-083: (PDF)

102215+AAMA_CSA-S1+Non-Impact+250-T_Fixed_PG50_48x120_T15-082: (PDF)

110215+AAMA_CSA-S1+Non-Impact+250-T_Fixed_Mulled_PG35_181x96_T15-085: (PDF)

111915+AAMA_CSA-S1+Non-Impact+250-T_Fixed_OO_PG40_108x72_T15-084: (PDF)

111915+AAMA_CSA-S1+Non-Impact+250-T_Fixed_Stacked_Mulled_PG35_120x96_T15-086: (PDF)


Archived Test Reports:

011314+AAMA_CSA-SI+Non-Impact+3800-T_250-T_O_OOO_01991007: (PDF)

030298+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C_Fixed_72x72_A98F-016: (PDF)

040698+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C_Csmnt_24x48_A98C-047: (PDF)

041714+1886-96+Impact+3800-T_250-T_DP65_X_65x42_01991029: (PDF)

041714+AAMA_CSA-SI+Non-Impact_3800-T_250-T_DP65_X_65x42_01991028: (PDF)

042997+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C+Awning_48x34_A97P-068: (PDF)

042997+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C_Csmnt_72x50_A97C-067: (PDF)

060398+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C_Hopper_Awning_Fixed_62x134_A98P-064: (PDF)

082300+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C_Csmnt_72x72_A00C-077: (PDF)

092313+1886-96+Impact+3800-T_250-T_X_O_01990818: (PDF)

100313+AAMA_CSA-SI+Non-Impact+3800-T_250-T_DP65_X_42x84_01990815: (PDF)

101697+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C_Fixed_72x72_Annealed_A97F-148-A: (PDF)

101697+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C_Fixed_72x72_Tempered_A97F-148: (PDF)

111202+AAMA+Non-Imapct+250C_Fixed_72x72_Inside-Glazed_A02F-203: (PDF)

111202+AAMA+Non-Impact+250C_Fixed_72x72_Outside-Glazed_A02F-204: (PDF)

122001+Dade+Impact+250C_Awning_72x36_03-31366.03: (PDF)

122701+Dade+Impact+250C_Fixed_84x72_03-31366.02: (PDF)