Extending 2021 Pricing Through 2022

November 24, 2021



The second half of 2021 was especially hard for our customers as we struggled to obtain supplies. We work with the preeminent aluminum extruders, but they were harmed greatly by global transportation restrictions. As a result, the costs to process aluminum rose steadily during 2021 and continues to rise.


While most window manufacturers increased prices in 2021, we absorbed these costs to help our customers. Regrettably, we cannot absorb them any longer and 2022 pricing will include the increases. Our suppliers indicate the aggregate increase might be as high as 15%.


As a routine benefit to our customers, we hold pricing for seven months. At the end of each seven-month cycle, we allow Authorized Dealers to hedge against possible price increases by extending current pricing six more months for a 6% fee. If prices increased less than 6%, the hedge option can be discarded at no charge. Before 2021 ends, we want to offer a third option to help customers even more. The offer allows orders to be placed at 2021 pricing and ship almost one year later. Program details:


    1. Each order must be confirmed and scheduled after December 1, 2021 and before December 20, 2021. Dealers are required to provide a copy of the Certified Proposal and printed proof of dealer costs.
    2. The Authorized Dealer chooses the target ship date (before October 14, 2022). Orders shipping after October 14th will be repriced at current costs.
    3. Changes to each order will be allowed no later than 15 weeks before the selected ship date (20 weeks for custom finishes).
        • The first round of changes is at no cost to the dealer, regardless of how many items are involved.
        • Changes are limited to sizes +2”, flipping configurations, or changing a stock finish. Other changes will be priced at current pricing. Shorter or narrower sizes will be accepted.
    4. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at order confirmation.
    5. Dealer drawings can be ordered anytime and proceed as normal.


We believe this offer will save our customers thousands of dollars. We are delighted to offer these savings in appreciation for the loyalty and patience during the current supply chain problems.



Mark McCoy